Fan Experience

Fan Experience

Fan Experience

The Omni-channel experience bridges the gap between second-screen devices, IoT, and mobile sporting apps to create a seamless, enhanced fan experience on match day, whether your fans are in the stadium or watching at home. As a result, your sports brand better manages the four pillars of the fan experience: managed expectations, brand awareness/reputation, retention, and word of mouth. 
Omni-channel allows you to manage that expectation from fans by providing a seamless, multi-channel message that engages and monetizes your fanbase. Delivering a better fan experience also builds greater brand awareness and enhances the reputation of your club or stadium. With a smooth match-day experience and deeper fan engagement, you also improve the retention of fans who connect with the club on a regular basis.
Best of all, word of mouth surrounding this strong fan engagement leaves your customers feeling excited about their fandom with your club, which can spread like wildfire to their friends and family. In the end, you build a bigger fanbase. 

Stadium Experience

Stadiums around the world are desperate to complete 21st century upgrades that will improve the overall stadium experience of fans.
The ConnectedFan solution is the perfect option for stadiums working hard to upgrade. Whether a stadium has upgraded to high-density WiFi or is still working on providing wireless access to fans, this solution offers an affordable second-screen experience for all fans by improving engagement across mobile devices, sporting apps, and IoT devices to monetize fan engagement in the stadium on match day.  
The stadium experience takes fan engagement to the next level by providing an individualized fan experience for each person. Devout followers of your club can shop the club store from their seat, view real-time stats while standing in line for concessions, and even find the exact vendor or food stall in the concourse to streamline their pre-match, halftime, and post-match shopping.  

Match-Day Experience

The match-day experience is changing for the average football fan. TV was the first game-changer in sports, and for sport businesses. Now, the second-screen further enhances the match-day experience by connecting fans watching at home and those watching from the stands in the stadium with your sporting brand, creating a new bridge that allows both groups of fans to enjoy a greater match-day experience. 
Instead of relying on traditional social media, your sports club or stadium can provide exclusive content through an Omni-channel experience that can be used by fans watching on TV to stream live replays, while fans in the stands upload video clips of their jubilation after each of their club’s goals. 
Rather than perusing various social media sites and opening different smartphone apps, our second-screen digital solution provides exclusive content to fans in the stadium on match day. They now have one place to go for social content, live stats, historical notes on the club, and shop the club or stadium store. They can even interact with other fans on match day, all from one app. This not only makes it easier for your fans to interact with the club, but it instantly becomes easier to monetize the match-day actions of those fans as well.


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