Fan Engagement Monetization

Fan Engagement Monetization


With billions of sports fans around the globe, and millions in Europe alone, already engaging with their favorite club via smartphones, the time is now to monetize that engagement.  
We offer an integrated solution with unified fan database handling that allows any sports club to take full advantage of the second screen experience. The potential monetization ranges from straightforward items such as match tickets and merchandising sales to dynamic, match-day experiences that boost revenue streams by connecting fans to the stadium, its vendors, and the club.  

Omni-Channel Experience

Fan engagement, stadium and match-day experiences, and the second screen all meet a vital intersection where your sporting club, sports brand, or sports business can take advantage. The problem facing each of these businesses is establishing that intersection, that connecting point where the fan is interacting with the team in a manner that builds a strong connection. For the best Omni-Channel Experience clubs, sports brands and stadiums need to seamlessly integrate all their communication channels, fan data management and features.  
In most cases, these channels already exist in the form of a web presence, email marketing, retail, and even second-screen solutions.Omni-Channel integrates the entire process into one solution by creating a unified fan data base management that gives users one login, whether they’re shopping for merchandise or buying tickets for the next home fixture. Now’s the time to reach, engage, and monetize your fan base with a second screen solution that truly works for your sports business.

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