Maximizing Second Screen Digital Fan Experience and Monetizing Mobile Session

Monetizing Fans with the 360-Degree Fan Experience

Fans increasingly view a personalized match day experience as an expectation, not an added benefit. The second screen of mobile and IoT devices makes it easier for both sides to connect. As fans engage with the club and its brand, marketers for the stadium and club gain valuable insight into consumer behavior and expectations of fans, making it easier to build those personalized match day experiences and generate more revenue from eager fans.

A better match day experience not only monetizes fans in attendance now, but generates loyal customers for the future. A smooth, enjoyable match day experience for your fans creates a loyal customer base that will support the club now and in the future. The 360-degree fan experience generated by maximizing the second screen experience is a short- and long-term strategy that fosters a deeper connection while monetizing fans going forward.

Catch Up with Us at Fan Experience Forum

If you want further information on our second-screen experience, better fan engagement, and monetization, Canecom will be delivering a presentation entitled “Maximizing Second Screen Digital Fan Experience and Monetizing Mobile” on 31st May 2016 at Fan Experience Forum in Madrid, Spain. For even more information, you can visit Canecom Sport at POD #107 at Fan Experience Forum, and stay up to date with the latest information and news by following us on Twitter.

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