Improving Fan Engagement with a Dominant Second-Screen Solution

The modern sports fan is not just a sports fan; they are all digital sports fans. What does this mean? It means that the time of simply watching a game on television and tracking stats in the daily paper has come and gone. Even the role of the Internet has been reduced in the modern era. Fans no longer follow their favorite clubs and sports brands from the comfort of their couch or the desk in their office.

Mobile technology has put a powerful digital screen in the hands of fans everywhere, giving them the potential to connect with their club from anywhere. In order for football clubs and sports businesses to continue providing the best possible fan experience and improve fan engagement, a dominant second-screen solution is required.

Competing for Eyeballs

Modern life is a distracting endeavour, especially for sports fans. No matter where a fan is or what they’re doing, there is the potential for them to connect with their favorite club or sports brand via smartphones. These second screens are a force to be reckoned with, and one that football clubs and other sports businesses can, and should, use to their advantage.

Whether fans are at home, out and about, or in the stadium on match day, their fan experience is guided by interactions with their smartphone. Their focus is never solely on the match itself, so how can your brand make use of the second screen to capture those eyeballs in a manner that increases fan engagement, while improving the fan experience at the same time?

An Effective Second-Screen Solution

Most football clubs and sports businesses rely on social media to reach out to fans, encourage engagement, and provide unique match-day offers to devout followers. While this has proven effective, it is disjointed at best.

What your brand really needs is a second-screen solution that turns a smartphone from a distraction into the ultimate fan-engagement tool. With an integrated second-screen solution, you can enhance the match-day fan experience by offering behind-the-scenes footage from the stadium on match day, provide match-day offers on club merchandise, and encourage greater fan engagement with tools that connect fans to the players.

Believe it or not, features such as these are now an expected in the match-day fan experience. With these second-screen solutions, you can grab the attention of your fanbase in a manner that keeps them engaged with the brand at all times.

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