A Golden Opportunity to Improve Fan Experience & Monetize the Connected Fan

As a devout football fan, there’s nothing better than watching your favourite club from the stands in the home ground. Of course, like most people around the world, even football fans can’t set aside mobile devices just because it’s match day. Whether fans are in the stands cheering on the players on the pitch, or down at their favourite pub watching with a group of friends, there is a golden opportunity awaiting sports clubs and sports businesses to enhance the fan experience and monetize a connected fanbase.

Building a Better Fan Experience

The natural starting point for most football clubs and sports businesses focuses on the fan in the stadium on match day. This captive audience ranging from 30,000 to 80,000 wants to see the match in front of them, but they also want to share selfies in support of their club on social media, vote in real time for the Man of the Match, and even view halftime highlights and replays right on their personal mobile device.

As a football club with hundreds of thousands of supporters, obviously not everyone is in the stands for every match. The same integrated solution that can improve the fan experience for those in the grounds on match day, can also boost the fan experience for the individual watching from a pub or following the match on a mobile device while traveling. These fans want to experience the match from the perspective of those in the stands by seeing videos shared to social media, and track the progress of their favourite players with live, up-to-date stats.

Smartphones provide an unprecedented opportunity for sports clubs and sports businesses to connect on a deeper level with fans, while improving their fan experience at the same time.

Monetizing a Connected Fanbase

As just hinted at above, a better fan experience also provides the opportunity to monetize your connected fans. For the fans in the stands, a better match-day experience creates loyal customers. The kind who purchase club merchandise when offered through exclusive deals to them the day of the match. Even better, a delightful fan experience can result in fans using their smartphones to purchase tickets to the next home match before the current match is even over.

All of this, and more, is achievable with an integrated second-screen solution that delivers a better fan experience, before, during, and after the match, while also offering the opportunity to monetize your fanbase.

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