How can a Sports Team Score Big Time by Utilizing Chatbots

Any sports fan that watches video footage of sporting events from the World Series to the World Cup from 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, will see how sports has evolved. From the uniforms to the hair, playing field to tactics, things have changed greatly over the decades.

It isn’t just on the playing field, court, diamond or ice, but off it as well. Turn on your television today to watch the most prestigious soccer competitions in Europe, and you will see some of the most passionate fans in the world. You will also see sponsors decorating every part of the stadium and even the teams’ uniforms with ads.

The evolution of in-stadium sports hasn’t stopped there as fans use the latest apps and social media to interact with one another. Fans can even interact directly with their favorite sports teams or players nowadays.

What sponsors want

Sponsors want to reach as many people as possible to market their products. In European soccer, the bigger the team and its fanbase, the more people it can be exposed to.

The problem with the old method of sponsors reaching fans is that it can be very easy to miss these potential customers, and especially millennials and younger ones. Fans may just as easily ignore the message from sponsors. Think of it as someone going fishing and waiting for just one fish to bite. It is outdated. Sponsors want to cast a large net over a large area and grab as many customers at one time as they can.

Chatbots completely change the way sponsors potentially connect with sports fans. The sponsor can be right where the fans are and sell them merchandise or other products that supporters truly want.

How does the team benefit from Chatbots?

Firstly, Chatbots are not expensive for sports teams to implement. In fact, the rewards teams receive outweigh the expense of adding Chatbots to a team’s website or Facebook.

While the expense is minimal for a sports team, the effort it takes to use the Chatbots is just as negligible. If a sports team is already providing information and updates via its website, email list or social media, a Chatbot can integrate all the channels’ databases and use them to serve the fans more directly.

Once Chatbots reach the fans, sports teams can direct various promotions to supporters. Branded merchandise, exclusive match tickets and even unique game day experiences can be marketed to sports fans around the world.

Chatbots are the future of sports and fan interaction. If social media revolutionized the way fans interact with sports, then Chatbots will take it to the next level.

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