Building and Maintaining an Engaged Fan Base with Pre-Match Day Digital Content

For every fan that makes it to the stadium on match day for fixtures, there are countless more at home or at work who couldn’t make it to the game for one reason or another. This doesn’t make those fans less important to your sport brand, team, or stadium. Effective sports marketing requires digital content aimed both at the fans in the stands, as well as those watching from mobile devices and other connected platforms around the world.

The best way to build and manage an engaged fan base is with pre-match day digital content, which provides something for all of your fans from casual followers to diehard supporters with season tickets.

Create Awareness

Building an engaged fan base starts with creating awareness around your team or brand. For example, fans love to see the personal side of their favorite players. Behind-the-scenes videos and tunnel interviews top the list of content that engages fans of all levels, and it can easily be uploaded and shared through your social media channels to create wider awareness among your devout followers.

Facilitate Easy Research

Connected fans develop their own reasons for following a team, whether it’s a favorite player or even the style of play the club displays on the pitch. Whatever the reason for their following, connected fans are eventually going to do their research on the club. The Connected Fan’s new Fanbot, a chatbot system that enables easy communication at all times between club and fan, is a great sports marketing tool that links your connected fans pre-match day to your digital content.

Your new fan base is going to look to engage with your brand quickly, and this includes researching upcoming matches on the stadium and ticket prices for those upcoming fixtures. When they have questions, our Fanbot can help you ensure your sports brand has a constant, consistent presence that interacts with your fans to answer their questions, even when a human representative of the brand isn’t available.

Provide Quality Content for Their Consideration

By now, your fans are following your club online and reading various sources of information about your club. Rather than leaving them to read other sources, including competing news sources, become the source of quality content for your connected fans.

Use your social media channels and app presence to share news updates on the squad, changes in kickoff times for upcoming matches, and even tease club promotions on your mobile app. This way your connected fans are updated about your team first, by you. This enables exclusive content for fans, who now realize your brand is the best for exclusive content.

With TheConnectedFan solution you can publish and distribute your regular or exclusive contents, promotions easily to all your devices and channels at once or specifically on certain channels that will bring you the most loyal fans and engagement. Talk about web content publish, mobile, email or even the big screen in your stadium. Not to mention that TheConnectedFan solution newest member the chatbot which is the most convenient platform to serve your fans with the content that they need whenever they are or whatever you are as the business owner, (perhaps having your morning cup of Joe while) your FanBot is acting as an always on fan communication service for you.