3 Important Monetization Opportunities in Sport Micro Moments

Euro 2016 and the Copa America Championships are underway, setting the web ablaze with activity and sending fans through Europe and the Americas into a frenzy. As brands look to capitalize on the attention of these major sporting competitions, it’s important not to overlook the micro moments that allow for an opportunity to increase the fan experience and monetize fan engagement with sports brands, clubs, and stadiums.

Fan Engagement in Micro Moments

Events like Euro 2016 aren’t just a one-game or even one-week event that ends before you realize it. These micro moments are extended periods of time that embroil fans in the second screen fest as they experience fan engagement opportunities that last longer than just one match. Nearly 73% of fans during Euro 2016 are expected to turn to their smartphone as the preferred second screen.

This gives every brand a chance to engage fans via social media, create a deeper connection by sharing those fan experiences through the brand’s profile, and enhancing their interaction with brands by providing live stat updates and special deals following the results of big matches.

Micro Moment Marketing on the Second Screen

While enhancing the fan experience and building better fan engagement are crucial to any second screen effort, the micro moments of an event like Euro 2016 or Copa America provides a unique opportunity to build brand awareness as well. Using the second screen, companies can pull in new fans and consumers with smart platforms that read fan interaction on second screen devices and take advantage.

For example, think of the opportunity inherent in promoting your startup brand to fans within distance of the Euro Fanzone in Paris or near one of the many match sites for Copa America across the United States. Fans logging onto their second screen and engaging in these events are interested consumers and ready to jump on new brands with exciting products.

Dynamic Pricing and Unique Deals

Last but not least, sporting micro moments such as those occurring in the summer of 2016 provide sport brands, clubs, and stadiums with a chance to capitalize on a primed audience by creating dynamic pricing deals and special, one-time offers. For example, within minutes of the Copa America final your business can promote its lineup of “champions” scarves, custom t-shirts, and even commemorative photos from the match itself.

The bottom line is that the second screen provides a vital bridge between sports brands, national teams, clubs, and stadiums, and the fans that support them. With football fans in particular at fever pitch, micro moments will reveal themselves and offer your brand the opportunity to monetize all of that fan engagement.

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