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Reach your fans at the best moment, using the most enhanced data, that creates a greater fan experience while also providing monetization opportunities for your brand.

What is fan engagement?

Fan Engagement is a massive buzzword right now among football clubs and stadium ownership groups, but what does it really mean?

Simply put, fan engagement occurs when your franchise or stadium builds a more intense and deeply-rooted connection with the fan base. This concept is a fresh approach to the manner in which your fans connect to the athletes on your roster, and the manner in which a club or brand communicates with the fan base. An important facet of fan engagement is the individual fan experience your club or stadium delivers to each fan.

Improve the way you reach your fans, and you’ll enhance engagement and monetize your following.

Our exciting new second-screen experiences help your sports club or stadium enhance the fan experience by going beyond standard social media. It is a multi-faceted digital solution that improves the match-day fan experience, encourages fan engagement, and builds stronger brand identity in your fanbase.

Fan engagement vs fan experience


Do you know what’s the difference between these terms?


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